Alright. Its Friday. No more boring ass work. Its time to spark up and drink a few beers. Heading out to the river on the party barge tomorrow. Only problem is that the kids are coming along so it wont be a hard-partying day. It still beats the shit out of not going.

I went out with my friend Jeremy last night and got shitty just like every time I go out with Jeremy. That dude drinks like a fuckin fish and always finds his way into trouble. I had an early meeting this morning so I dropped him off at his apartment around 1:30. He picked up some beer and munchies on the way home because he said his buddy was coming over. He calls me this morning at 9AM to tell me that they took off for Florida! Thats like a four hour drive in the middle of the night, drunk as shit. Stupid. Whatever. He is young and single and should enjoy it while he can. Although, the way he drinks he is going to stay single for a long time unless he finds a girl that is just as big of an alcaholic as him. Anyway, so we are in this little college bar and he knows the barteneder, he grew up with her or something, and she is HOT. Tall, blonde, nice rack, very nice ass and she is flirting with me! At first I thought she was just being nice but she kept coming back to talk to me even though the bar was busy, twirlng her hair while we talked and giving me free beer (she wasnt giving Jeremy free beer). Then when we went to leave she asked if I would be back. I said probably and left. No sense in seeming to easy.

This is the second hot chick that has come on to me in the last two weeks. The girl that works at the golf course where I play is built like a brick shithouse. HUGE rack. She gave me her number the other day. I entered it into my phone and promplty deleted it once I left. My girlfriend is very curious and although I havent seen her do it much she is not beyond looking through my phone so I am not taking any chances. Plus, the chick is only twenty-five and has two kids. Its not that I mind kids, I have two of my own, its just that one of them is a baby which means the ex-boyfriend/daddy is still hanging around and I dont like dealing with that shit.

Whatever, it is an ego boost so who gives a shit. Maybe I can go for the tri-fecta tomorrow! Here's to the Weekend!


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