Its fuckin hot! Thats all I can say. Living in Louisiana you become accustomed to hot weather but this is ridiculous. The heat index yesterday was 109, with 98% humidity! You can actually feel yourself melting when you walk outside. And I dont mean performing any type of physical activity. This is simply going from the house to the car.

Anyway, LSU football season is upon us! Woo Hoo! 14 days to kick-off. It came down to the last minute but I was able to afford season tickets again so every Saturday starting around 7AM there will be lots of alcahol and food consumed in Baton Rouge. Also, ladies, ladies and more ladies. The good thing about the aforementioned heat is that the girls parading around campus will have on as little as possible. This makes for excellent sport viewing which is what my buddies and I consider it, a sport. This is only because we are all in our 30's and no self-respecting college girl would talk us. We can oogle the shit out of em though.

Have to leave to visit my Mom today. Its not that I mind visiting my Mom its just that she is getting up there and doesnt realy care about the small things like she used to. Of course, by small things I mean dusting, sweeping, or any other form of cleaning. I think I am going to have to find her a maid. Also, she lives in a really small town and we usually just end up sitting around drinking a couple of beers and talking about the same things we talked about the last time I visited. She can still cook pretty good though so I will attempt to gorge myself and sleep as much as possible. Here's to football.


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