You are probably wondering why this blog only has two posts. Well, I deleted them all. I was tired of reading my own ramblings so I deleted everything from last year until now. This way everything I write is new material! I am a genius and very creative. In fact, I may have written this exact same thing before.

So, remember the other day I was bitching about the new job syndrome? Well, it turns out that the company I work for was "acquired" on Thursday by a multi-national congolomerate who shall remain nameless (hint- they are very blue and have the initials IBM in their name). So, its back to newbie land just when I am getting the hang of everything. Seriously, these guys have like 350,000 employees and make like $1 Zillion a year in profit. What can I possibly contribute? They employee something like 5 Nobel prize winners and 1300 Rhodes Scholars. Woo hoo, I am going to fit right in at the office mixers. A sample conversation. Me, "So did you see that football game on TV the other night?", genius guy with lots of letters behind his name- "Yes, the centripetal acceleration of the oblong projectile launched by the offensive protagonist was dramtically reduced by the collisonal de-excitation of the defensive antagonist". Me, "Right. Do you know where the bar is?"


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